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February 2017

Another First!

School Field Trip where we left the country and needed passports!

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Bella, Yu and I

Bella, Yu and I

Our class has been studying the ecosystem, so I thought a trip to the Singapore Zoo might just be the thing to do. It's never easy planning Field Trips, but when you are dealing with passports and paperwork to cross the border from Malaysia to Singapore, it just adds another layer of planning and stress. But it all worked out, and we brought everyone home in one piece, with their passport!

Sadly, the fourth grade teacher, Cherie, whose class was going with us, had bad news that her mother passed away, and wasn't able to join us. Luckily she had two great parents to help us, so all worked out okay.

We loaded 21 kids and 5 adults into three school vans and headed off for the border. About 8:30 am the crossing starts slowing down, so the wait wasn't bad at all thru both borders. We made it to the zoo just a little late for our tour of the rainforest, and it was awesome. So many wonderful creatures in this huge habitat complete with a small waterfall, and high trees. My favorite was the sloth, which you usually never see moving. But he put on a show for us! Climbed down, upside down, from a huge tree and was about 5 feet from us eating lunch. There were bats next to him that kept trying to knock him away. I remember the sloths in Bolivia, but never got this close to one that was actually moving!

After the tour we headed to KFC for some lunch and then split into groups to see the rest of the zoo. What a fantastic zoo this is! I would say it's one of the most beautiful settings for a zoo I have ever seen. I love the San Diego Zoo, but will have to say this tops it. Beautiful flowers everywhere, so many different kinds of animals, and they looked happy and well taken care of. I want to come back and take the River Cruise and Night Safari sometime.

About 2:30 we met up and loaded the vans again for the ride home. Kids were exhausted, but happy. Lot's of fun traveling to another country for a field trip today!


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Kampung Sungai Melayu

Fantastic boating and fresh seafood lunch!

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We had a day off of school today and took advantage of an outing just minutes from our school. It's called the Kampung, a village in the middle of a forest of palm trees and on the inlet that separates Malaysia from Singapore.

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The village was opened more than 100 years ago and the villagers are totally Malay, with most of them traditional fishermen. The village is famous for its fresh seafood such as seabags, catfish, shrimp, crab and mussels. The mangrove forest that surrounds almost 75% of the village hosts migratory birds from Siberia from August to April.

This village was also used by the Japanese as one of the routes to attack Singapore during World War ll .

We bought our tickets for 35 RM, about 8$, and had about an hour tour of the mangroves with views of both Johor Bahru and Singapore. They also showed us the floating mussel farm, and a floating "hotel". You can rent the floating hotel, complete with a toilet that empties into the water, and 2 twin beds, and a deck for about 6$ a night.

After the tour we had a lovely lunch at a restaurant right on the dock. We enjoyed fresh steamed fish, prawns, veggies and rice for about 5$ a person.


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Shell Out!

Eating Adventures

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Have you ever had your food dumped in the middle of the table and ate it with your hands? Well, if not, try a Shell Out! It's a lot of fun and yummy, if you love seafood and messy hands.

A group of teachers spent Saturday evening in Johor Bahru eating seafood and listening to a local band sing. The area, the size of a football field held about 15 separate restaurants lined up in a rectangle with a stage and big screen TV in the front. Football (soccer in America) was playing when we arrived, and one of our teachers from the school and her band would break in on occasion to sing for us. At one point they wanted one of the teachers to volunteer to sing and Jess volunteered. She did a great job. There were all sorts of dinner options, including "Western" and "American" and lots of Malaysian.

They brought us drinks of different types of juice including lime juice, which I quite enjoyed. They laid out boards over the round tables and covered them with plastic sheeting. And then came the food. Big buckets filled with prawns, crab and mussels covered in a spicy red sauce were dumped down the middle of the table. Everyone had a bowl of rice dumped out in front of them. And then we dug in, and ate and ate. We would just put the used shells in front of us. What a mess it was, but a lot of fun, with a great group of friends.

And don't forget...if you need a car wash you can have your car hand washed right there, ready to go when you are!


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