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Part 1 Malaysia

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Day 1
Melissa and I were supposed to meet up with Lisa and Jane on June 9, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We went to catch our flight at 9:40, but we got distracted and didn’t pay attention to the gate. When we finally realized how late it was, and ran over to the correct gate, we watched the plane take off without us. So, we went back home to Melissa’s house, took a nap and hung out with Amanda. We also booked another flight and went back out at 9:40. Of course by the time we got to the hotel it was late, and we went to bed, setting the alarm for 3:30 am. We stayed at the Tune Hotel. The room was the size of my bathroom at home, but it was clean and only 25 a night. Good thing we didn’t share rooms that night. Wouldn’t have fit our luggage in the room.

Day 2.
4:00 am we took a shuttle from the hotel to the airport and flew to Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia. We caught a GRAB taxi to the Jetty where we waited for our 9:30 departure on the ferry. Now, I took a really nice ferry in Seattle where we drove a car on, and had a beautiful view of the harbor and nice scenery. This ferry, however, was not like that. We were packed on, and you couldn’t see out of the windows unless you stood up. The views were lovely with small islands, and so much green, with beautiful seas. But it was a bit choppy. The ferry took about 1.5 hours. It was pretty packed. Probably about 100 people. And lots of kids.

We were dropped at Redang Island, checked into our rooms, and had our typical Malay/Chinese food. Lots of noodles, rice, chicken, and fresh melon, papaya and pineapple. We are surrounded by beautiful green tropical forests. And the water is beautiful colors of blue. We took a nap and then went snorkeling and wave catching. There were tons of fish and we even saw a monitor lizard getting into the water. That is when Melissa got out. The water was quite rough, and it was reminding me of when my dad taught me to dive under the wave as it starts to crash down. LOL I was the only one way out the doing it. These asians don’t really like getting in the water. And we are a minority. Very, very few foreigners.

We cleaned up and went for a repeat dinner of what we had for lunch. With the exception of some additional meat items, like steak and satay.

Day 3
We decided to go on a jungle trek to the other side of the island and find some turtles to swim with today. We packed up our snorkel gear, had some breakfast and head out. Luckily we brought along our new friends Jane and Lisa, who the mosquitos were attracted to. I think Melissa and I have been here long enough that they don’t like our blood. LOL. The jungle was hot and humid. And filled with so many colors of green plants. A couple of times the trail wasn’t very well traveled, but we made it in about an hour. Where we are staying it is so populated by tourists, but when we came out onto the beach there were only a couple of people. This is the Malaysia I know and love. We snorkeled for a while near the shore and saw tons of beautiful fish, but no turtles. There were a couple of boats filled with people in the middle of the bay and one of the locals told us thats where the turtles were.
Check out the GoPro video that Melissa put together.


So we swam out and were amazed to see about 6-8, including a baby turtle. We were able to swim with them, and were even close enough to touch them. They were amazing! There were these bigger fish that would swim right under the turtles, maybe to clean them? And lots of other fish around.
We stayed in the water about 30 minutes and then decided to try and get a boat taxi back to the other side instead of walking back. The locals on the beach couldn’t believe we walked thru the jungle without a guide. They told us there were money 1/2 the size of us that attack people. We never saw any. Lucky for us. We found a guy with a boat that took us all back for 100 RM. The water was super choppy. When we got back we went and had lunch. Melissa took one bite and immediately had to throw up. Not sure what that was, but after that she felt much better.


We took a little rest and then headed to the beach near our hotel for a little more snorkeling. I have never swam with so many fish of all colors, shapes and sizes. It was totally amazing. It was quite shallow and you could really stand up most places. The coral was beautiful too. And there were sharks? About 5 of them. They are small sharks and apparently they don’t hurt humans. But it was so cool to be swimming with them.

What an amazing day, and so happy that we were able to have our Alaskan friends experience the beauty of Malaysia. marks
Day 4 And some days it’s just not that great. Like this quote.

Travel isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts, it even breaks your heart. But that’s okay. The journey changes you; it should change you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and on your body. You take something with you. Hopefully, you leave something good behind.”
Anthony Bourdain

We didn’t do much today. It was spent mostly waiting for the ferry, waiting for our room at the hotel to be ready and waiting for a new room because the one they gave us was filled with bugs. And I’m not kidding. There were dead and alive bugs all over. Our beds were full of them.

We left the island about 11 and got in Terengganu, Malaysia about 2. We took a Grab to the hotel, checked in and had some not so good lunch. Then we headed to our rooms to be grossed out. It took a while but they upgraded us and the rooms were better. Melissa stayed back to relax, and the rest of us headed into town to look at Chinatown. Which wasn’t too big. We had some dinner of sweet and sour pork, and veggies, and rice. And then tried to Grab it back. But its Ramadan, so finding a ride took a while. Finally arrived back at the hotel.

It’s been one of those days that wasn’t too exciting. But we are safe and sound and off to Vietnam tomorrow.

Day 5 Malaysia to Vietnam

Day of travel. We flew to Kuala Lumpur, had some breakfast and the boarded our 3 hour flight to Hanoi, Vietnam. 4 hours total travel time, but with all the connections and getting there and back, it takes time. Not the favorite part of traveling for me.

We had a taxi waiting for us at the airport and took us to a lovely hotel. Hanoi L’Heritage. It was a beautiful older hotel with very clean rooms. Malaysia needs to take some pointers from Vietnam. We dropped our things and left to walk around the busy city, trying not to get hit from all the traffic. We ate dinner at this fancy restaurant and the food was so flavorful and tasty. We over ate, and although it was an expensive place, our total bill for all of us was 60$ US.

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