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Raffles American School! It's a wrap!

Outstanding 2 years in Malaysia!

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One of the most rewarding things about teaching is knowing that you have made a deep impact on a students life. After school today, the Mehrin family came to have photos with me. The kind words from the father touched my heart. I was happy to hear that Tasmia loved her teacher and class this year, and that she wants to become a teacher, because of my influence. There were tears on both sides. This is the kind of family that will produce our future leaders and citizens that make a difference in our world. It's what teachers hope and dream for! And I had the privilege of working with many students who are smart and capable and will do great things in the future.
I have been so blessed to also have other parents come and thank me for the impact I had on their children. I believe that my students knew that I loved them, even when they didn't deserve it. Especially one that started with a K and ended with an I. LOL I loved them all, and I suppose because I raised 3 boys, and a girl, I understood their activeness, and we ran lots of laps to get it out so they could settle down and learn. And the girls loved hugs!


It's been a wonderful experience living and teaching in Malaysia, at Raffles American School, these past 2 years. It has not always been easy, for at every school there are kinks to work out, difficult children to be patient with, problems to deal with. But I have been able to work with fantastic teachers and 2 classrooms of kids from around the world. My class this year consisted of 12 children. China, Ireland, Australia, UK, China, Japan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, and Spain. 5 girls and the rest boys. They loved learning and having hands on activities. They loved math, GoNoodle, music, and were the best little artists. They memorized poetry and were fantastic at it. The last poem they memorized was The Road Not Taken, by Robert Frost.
I will miss them.

I will also miss the fabulous teachers and staff I was able to work with. Today was a bittersweet day. I had so many good friends come and make me cry, because they were crying. They have made an incredible difference in my life. I can't imagine leaving them behind, but I just keep saying, We will meet again. And I believe we will. This world is smaller than we think. And I would love to come back to Malaysia again.


I have not had the opportunity to make any Muslim friends before I came to Malaysia, (because I really never lived near any) and I didn't know what to think honestly. But I have learned to love and respect them, and they have become my dearest friends. I always new that us Mormons are a little different, and so are they, but in many ways we are so similar in our devotion to what we believe in. And we share the same values of not drinking alcohol and not having sexual relations before marriage. We both fast, although we don't go all out like they do. We believe in being honest and kind. I am so grateful for the chance I had to meet and live among this wonderful culture.


At our teacher farewell party, Melissa honored me with this sweet speech:

Three years ago today, Diane was saying goodbye to everyone In Bolivia. And here we are again saying our goodbyes in another beautiful country. Even though I tried to keep her here another year, I'm happy she will be home with her family. There's a lot that we are going to miss about Diane. From her charming wit to her amazing baking, but what I'm going to miss most is hanging out with my dearest friend. I know she's a friend to all of us, but rest assure we will see her again. She has that restless spirit where she must travel so I know she will visit again. Diane will always be remembered for being a wonderful teacher, faithful member at her church, and having an adventurous person. But most importantly, a teacher that never complained. Jk

Anyways, Diane You will be missed. We love you and we wish you all the best back in Utah. Enjoy retirement and those grandbabies.

And so, as I end this school year, I do so with fond memories, and a grateful heart that I was able to teach and learn here.


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Tough to leave good friends, but you take great memories with you. I just realized that when I have left you comments before on this blog I never put my name/email, so you may not have received them. Sorry about that. I enjoy seeing your pictures and reading about your travels and adventures. Love you, Sandy

by Sandra A Quimby

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