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China 2011

Summer Teaching in China

This is my 4th summer trip to China to teach English. I must love China a lot to keep coming over and over!

I have been using Blogspot in past years, but it's blocked in China this year, so here goes a new blog!

July 3, 2011

Tonight we had our first dinner with the officials of the school. We went to a restaraunt about 5 minutes from campus. We took up 4 rooms. Each room sat about 8 people per table. There was the principal and assistant principal of the school, and other head officials, plus many different teachers, including one of the teachers that I will be working with my second week. There was beer, and more beer, and more beer. Thank goodness I don’t drink, cause they were doing toast after toast and saying bottoms up, and the teachers and officals would down the whole glass. I hear that the alchol content is not as great in their beer, but several people, including Sally’s 18 year old son, were getting pretty drunk.

There were a total o 18 different dishes. We started out with about 8 appetizers. We started with green tea, then there were vegetables and a pate, which I tried and almost gagged on, and thinly sliced meat of some type. Then came the main dishes, a huge fish, including the head, fried egg custard in batter dipped crust (yummy), fried beef, fried apples, 2 kinds of soup, broccoli which was plain...something really different, noodles, and one of the strangest dishes was pig ears! Yes, pig ears sliced thin and served with a bunch of vegetables.

We came back to the hotel about 20 minutes ago, and Susan is having a massage. A friend of Mr. Mao comes to our rooms and does a massage. Last night he told MaraBell that she had a lump in her breast, without even touching them, and she had recently been to the doctor and been told that. These doctors here can diagnose different diseases. It’s costing us 14$, but in the states would be at least 50$. I’m next. Hoping to get my arm to start working again. Susan is crying out in pain, hope I don’t do that!

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It sounds like you all are having a good time, minus the painful yelping and lump info... :( Your mom was sure excited to get her e-mail today, she could hardly wait to share it with me! It was good though because she ate her lunch really well so she could get to the computer. She is a sweetie. Your dad and I had a nice talk today too. It is thundering and lightning here tonight, hope you are having good weather. Continue to enjoy! Cindy:)

by Cindy Golding

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